CPE Participants tell of their experience

Peter: ‘When I enrolled for CPE I already had thirty years of pastoral care under my belt. What could these CPE guys possibly teach me? Well, I was humbled. Gentle prompting encouraged me to review my methodology, to be confident in the good work I was already doing, and to serve even better those in my care.’

Elizabeth: ‘I found CPE to be of valuable and practical help. It re-energised my vocation. The content was intellectually stimulating, user-friendly and non-threatening. CPE helped me to be more consciously aware when engaging with others. It helped me make sense of the theoretical base that underpins my pastoral roles, and provided me with practical tools for my professional tool-box.’

Andrew: ‘CPE helped me to integrate what I had learned at theological college with the reality of pastoral ministry. I found it stretched and grew my ability to listen attentively and gave me a set of skills which I have continued to rely on for the past sixteen years.’ 

Clare: ‘I completed CPE in preparation for full time ministry and it was an absolutely crucial learning experience in my

formation. As one of my lecturers often said, our first and best tool for ministry is our self - and CPE provided me with a supportive context in which to understand myself and learn essential skills for pastoral ministry.’

Martin: ‘CPE was very helpful indeed, and I’ll be looking to do a refresher in the near future. It provided me with tools to improve my listening and discernment in pastoral ministry. It also helped me to deepen my own spirituality, whilst enabling me to deepen the spirituality of others.’

Sarah: ‘CPE helped me, as a newly ordained person, to move from theory to practice, to understand the identity transition I was in and to become aware of the impact of my internal processes on pastoral work. Twelve years later I continue to reflect on the learning it enabled.’

Jason: ‘Initially CPE seemed daunting, but with a well-trained supervisor on hand to help, the process was not only informational but fun. The care of my supervisor helped me learn new skills in my times of uncertainty. Taking CPE is a leap of faith you won’t regret.’

Lattia: ‘CPE has helped me to listen to the people in prison and to reach out beyond what they are really saying. It has given me a tool that helps me to allow them to express themselves and tell their own true story.’ 

Glenda: ‘CPE provides people with a unique opportunity to learn, to grow, and to develop their pastoral skills and strengths within a safe environment. The benefits I gained from two CPE courses have been invaluable, affirming and profoundly life-enhancing, both personally and professionally. Gaining an increased awareness of both myself and others means that I am now better able to “be there” with someone in a pastoral interaction.’