The Reverend Anton Boisen, one of the founders of CPE, encouraged his students to pay careful attention to both their own self and the people in their care. He urged his students to 'read these living human documents', first-hand living source materials rather than second-hand statements found in textbooks. However, CPE Supervisors do point students to relevant literature as they endeavour to develop their pastoral skills.

The list that follows is by no means exhaustive:

Boundaries: when to say yes, when to say no, to take charge of your life  -  Henry Cloud / John Townsend

Coming to Grief  -  Pam Heaney

Companioning the Bereaved: a soulful guide for caregivers  -  Alan D. Wolfelt

Dibs in Search of Self - Virginia Mae Axline

Henri Nouwen: wounded healer  -  William Ruddle

People Skills: how to assert yourself, listen to others, and resolve conflict  -  Robert Bolton

Personhood and Presence: self as a resource for spiritual and pastoral care - Ewan Kelly

Swift to Hear: facilitating skills in listening and responding  -  Michael Jacobs

Talking Past Each Other - Joan Metge and Patricia Kinloch

Talking Together: Korero Tahi - Joan Metge

The Good Listener - James E. Sullivan

The Mutuality of Care  -  Roy Herndon Steinhoffsmith

The Power of Listening: building skills for mission and ministry  -  Lynne M Baab

The Practice of Pastoral Care: a post-modern approach  -  Carrie Doering

Wounded Healer  -  Henri Nouwen

The Sacred Art of Listening  -  Kay Lindahl

The Skilled Helper: a systematic approach to effective helping  -  Gerard Egan

The Skilled Pastor: counselling as the practice of theology  -  Charles Taylor

Transforming Communication: leading-edge professional and personal skills  -  Richard Bolstad / Margot Hamblett